I have taken…

…time away from this space to reflect on Harvey, and what exactly his point is.

Initially an experiment in marrying low-brow, DIY, zine culture and psychedelic comic art, he and this comic have become so much more to me than that.

As such, in the coming months, you can expect big things to come; old projects put on the back-burner revisited, new projects I’m excited to share with you (one in particular will be announced on Harvey’s 2nd birthday), and (of course) the continuation of The Slumber Party are imminent…

However, I will no longer be posting page updates here. With the end of chapter 4, I will begin working on Harvey quietly, without a weekly release.

Details on how I will release chapters 5 and onwards will be answered soon, and I will release the last few pages of Chapter 4 sporadically over the next few months…

Trust me when I say this is for the best.

Harvey is a living, breathing project.

What has so far been posted is only the beginning. Though the story is half-over, in many ways I am only getting started…

So keep dreaming with me, friends. We’ve got miles to go.





as promised i have a special treat for you hooligans!

in honor of Harvey’s favorite holiday, i present to you, on this blessed April 20th, the grand opening of my Etsy store!

you can now purchase my art [as well as future merchandise related to Harvey In The Sky] here.

thank you for supporting me, friends and fans, whether through reading my comic or buying my shit.

you will never know how many hard nights you’ve gotten me through, and sunshiney days you’ve made brighter.

so puff, puff, pass, and buy a little something to remember me by…

we’ve got a long and psychedelic trip ahead of us.